Minecraft 1.10.2 Frostburn Update

How many versions of this exciting game have already been released! But now we bring to your attention the Minecraft 1.10.2 Frostburn Update, which fixes bugs, as well as added new game cube blocks. Grass and stone slabs are now replaced with magma and bone blocks. The biomes in the game have also changed. Now, in addition to cows and other pets, you can find other creatures in this version that live in both hot and harsh snowy biomes. Huge polar bears can now be seen. The graphical parameters of the game have also changed significantly.

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Game Process

Firstly, all bugs have been eliminated in the creative game mode, and secondly, the new mobs that have appeared have now received subtitles at their disposal, and the powerful dragon from the underground hero no longer resurrects in this game version. And in survival mode, you can only build during daylight hours. Now you can destroy your buildings and build even more fantastic cube structures from blocks.


  • Day and night modes. During the day we build and craft, make weapons and at night we protect your hero from invasions of hostile mobs. Only ten minutes are now given for the construction of facilities during the day.
  • Three game modes. Survival, Creative and Hardcore modes are presented in Minecraft 1.10.2 game version.


Minecraft 1.10.2 Screenshot
Minecraft 1.10.2 Screenshot 2
Minecraft 1.10.2 Screenshot 3

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Download Minecraft 1.10.2:

MinecraftLauncher-2.86-Installer-1.0.1.exe [21.6 Mb]

MinecraftLauncher-2.86.zip [4.88 Mb]