Squid Game Map for Minecraft

Squid Game Map for Minecraft 1.17.1

Squid Game map 1.17.1 for Minecraft with mini-games from South Korean television series now streaming on Netflix. On this map, the author has sufficiently well implemented the game red light green light, as well as s

One Chest Survival Map for Minecraft

One Chest Survival Map 1.17 (Skyblock Challenge)

Skyblock Challenge map for Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition, which will be built around the concept of one infinite chest: it will fill up with new items each time after you got out the old ones. Author: Squidney Games

Penumbra Black Plague Map for Minecraft

Penumbra Black Plague Map 1.16.4

Remake of the survival horror game Penumbra Black Plague, which was developed in 2008 by the Swedish company Frictional Games. The walkthrough of this map you will need about 15 minutes. Read the readme file to chang

Crashed Map for Minecraft

Crashed Map 1.15.2 (Java & Bedrock Edition)

Crashed is a map produced by the FALL Studios team which is a team created in 2018 and which mainly works for content on Minecraft Bedrock via the marketplace. Here, with this map we have the chance to be able to tak

CloseSurvival Map for Minecraft

CloseSurvival Map for Minecraft 1.15.2

CloseSurvival is a new map for very hardcore survival in Minecraft. This map has four rooms with different biomes. You need to be careful, as in some rooms you will find spawners with Ifrit and Endermen. Under the la

Horizon City 2020 Map for Minecraft

Horizon City 2020 Map 1.16.4/1.15.2/1.14.4

After watching the comedy film Zombieland this Horizon City 2020 map will certainly attract your attention. The interest of the plot in its simplicity. The virus that was free had a special effect on all living thing

Raft Survival Map for Minecraft

Raft Survival Map 1.13.2

Raft Survival is a good map, it is a kind of survival in Minecraft 1.13.2, where you need to try as much as possible to survive and perform certain tasks set by the author of this map. You will need to use a raft to

San Andreas Map for Minecraft

San Andreas Map 1.12.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

GTA San Andreas has become a cult game for the vast majority of players. San Andreas map 1.12.2/1.10.2/1.7.10 will take many familiar city to the world of Minecraft. Familiar streets, iconic places where a lot of int