Crashed Map 1.15.2 (Java & Bedrock Edition)

Crashed Map for Minecraft

Crashed is a map produced by the FALL Studios team which is a team created in 2018 and which mainly works for content on Minecraft Bedrock via the marketplace. Here, with this map we have the chance to be able to take advantage of the two versions: Java and Bedrock.

You wake up after months in a coma. You have a headache and you don’t remember anything except that famous plane crash. You will have to go explore the island as well as the plane in order to find out who helped you.

Crashed map 1.15.2 offers you a double adventure, with ultimately a double objective: on the one hand, shoot the narrative reel to learn more about the reasons for your presence on this island. On the other hand, to survive on this little piece of land whose exact nature is far from being identified. Indeed, beyond the history integrated into the map which will allow you to know where you come from, you can totally make a standard survival by leaving the island and by exploring other places which will be generated randomly as in a classic Minecraft world. You will have access to the Nether, the End, etc … Within the island, you will find the wreckage of the abandoned plane, rich in otherwise inaccessible resources, but also traces of life, without knowing who and where are the occupants.


Crashed Map Screenshot
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Map Showcase:

How to install Crashed Map:

  1. Download the map
  2. Unzip the file to .minecraft\saves
  3. Done!

Download Crashed Map:

For Java [79.55 Mb]

For Bedrock
Crashed-Fall-Studios-Bedrock [52.23 Mb]