Portal in the Village Seed 1.19.4

Using this seed you will spawn near the village where the ruined portal is located. This portal that appeared in the village destroyed several buildings. This seed is great for survival in Minecraft. Screenshots:

Portal in the Village Seed for Minecraft

Mountain Prison Seed 1.19.4/1.18.2

Using this seed for Minecraft game you will appear at the very bottom of the mountain. You need to get out of here to get your first tree and start surviving. In the same mountain you can build your base. This seed

Mountain Prison Seed for Minecraft

Pirate Island Seed 1.19.4/1.18.2

An interesting seed for Minecraft game that generates an area similar to a pirate island. You will start the game in the middle of the ocean, where there will be a small village and almost a whole ship. This is a cozy an

Pirate Island Seed for Minecraft

Mansion On The Island Seed 1.19.4

With the help of this seed for Minecraft game, you appear on a large island in a dark forest next to a mansion. Near the mansion is a destroyed portal to the Nether and shipwreck with emeralds. Beneath the mansion is a h

Mansion On The Island Seed for Minecraft