Best Minecraft Seeds to Practice Speedrunning in Version 1.19

Minecraft has long been the game of choice for creative players, sandbox and exploration fans, and, well, much of the gaming world. However, in the past decade it has also become an incredibly popular place for speedrunners—who aim to get the glory of completing the world’s most popular video game in the shortest possible time.

Best Minecraft Seeds to Practice Speedrunning

If you’re an aspiring Minecraft speed runner, you’re going to need some experience, alongside a lot of patience. Fortunately, Minecraft speedrunners have documented many of the best world seeds to practice speed running in—giving you a head start that they didn’t have all those years ago when the game was first popularised.

Let’s take a look at some of the best world seeds to practice your Minecraft speedrunning, to get you up to speed.

What’s a World Seed?

If you’re totally new to this, you may not be familiar with the idea of seeds. In Minecraft, and many other procedurally generated games, a seed is a specific map. You’re probably aware that whenever you make a save in Minecraft it creates an entirely new world. While it’s a bit too complex to get into how Minecraft’s procedural generation works in its entirety; in short, while these seem like they’re totally unique every time they actually each create a unique seed number which can be used to revisit a previous map. In other words, you can revisit worlds you have previously been to.

This is incredibly useful when it comes to speedrunning practice, as it allows you to reliably practice certain techniques and moments of gameplay without the need to randomly search around the whole time.

What Makes a Good Speedrunning Seed?

Before diving into the seeds themselves, it’s worth understanding what makes a certain world good for speed running.

In general, a good seed will be one with valuable resources, structures and different biomes all close to your initial spawn point. This means that you can obtain materials, traverse the world and, ultimately, progress very quickly.

The specifics of what makes a seed useful depends slightly on what you’re trying to do. If you want practice against certain enemies or in certain biomes, these obviously present their own needs, and your seed would want to have these elements close to the spawn, so you can access them quickly. Speaking of which, if you want to get ahead in Minecraft you can buy Hypixel coins here!

Good Practice Seeds

Seed -452328943

-452328943 (Version 1.19)

Spawning near a village with a blacksmith(!), this spawn is ideal for players looking to practice resource gathering. The village provides valuable loot, like food, iron ingots and obsidian. There’s even a desert temple nearby, which has the potential for emeralds, diamonds and enchanted books. This plethora of resources near the spawn point very quickly sets you up with high-level gear.

Seed 968173907

968173907 (Version 1.19)

If you’re looking for practice in different biomes, this seed is a good one. Again, you spawn near a village, this time with farms and many buildings, but the greatest benefit of this seed is that you spawn near a variety of different biomes, with a ravine featuring the mineshaft biome right on your doorstep. Because of this diversity near the spawn point, you have lots of options.

Seed 198419

198419 (Version 1.19)

If you want to get into a stronghold as quickly as possible, this is a really useful biome. Once you spawn, head to the coordinates -292, 19, 271 and you’ll come across a village that has a blacksmith hording three diamonds! Beneath the village you’ll be able to find a stronghold’s end portal room, which gives you very quick and easy access to the End dimension, and thus opens up a variety of speedrun objectives in the process.

Seed 561618

561618 (Version 1.19)

Is all this sounding a bit too easy? Then perhaps this seed is for you. Here you start on an island with only a village and a shipwreck nearby. This limits your starting resources, while being surrounded by ocean means that you have to try new techniques for gathering your resources. Then, finally, you’ll be able to navigate the waters, explore the shipwreck and get your hands on some interesting loot. This isn’t the most traditional type of speedrun, but it is certainly a fun way for more experienced players to give themselves a challenge.

Seed -927989155

-927989155 (Version 1.19)

Pulling together lots of the things we’ve already mentioned, this seed gives you most of the best features all close together. Near the spawn point you’ll find village and blacksmith, alongside various biomes, a desert temple, a ruined portal, stronghold and multiple Nether fortresses. Because of this plethora of resources and options—and its proximity to ways to the Nether and End—this is a great seed to practice the Nether and End biomes.

In sum, there are tonnes of Minecraft seeds which offer the necessities for good speedruns. Choosing the right seed for practicing speed running isn’t necessarily about choosing the perfect one, but choosing one which provides you with enough options to experiment and improve your skills. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get going!