Download Minecraft 1.8.9 Java Edition and Pocket Edition

Initially, the Minecraft game was attractive mainly for teenagers and schoolchildren. But as it developed, the project began to attract more mature players who also find a lot of interesting things for themselves in the gaming world.

Download Minecraft 1.8.9

Against the background of this popularity, new mods are being created with new possibilities. One of them is the Minecraft 1.8.9 game, which you can download for free here, especially since it does not take much time. The players will once again have the whole world at their disposal, and only they will decide how to dispose of it. The game will still need to fight, destroy and build in an endless world, which even visually looks very interesting. In addition, you will have to do a lot of other work in order for the hero to survive.

Minecraft 1.8.9 Features:

  • Six types of worlds. This is a very important aspect that allows players to travel a lot. An ordinary world is available, which is surrounded by the nature we are used to. In a flat world, you can manually adjust the relief, in other worlds there are standard biomes – there the emphasis is not on visuality.
  • Mobs. In the game world, the character will have almost no friends. In the daytime, it’s still okay, but at night everything must be done to prevent aggressive monsters from finding him. Even the most experienced gamers can die in battles with especially strong mutants.
  • Transience. The game world is rather fleeting. In the game, a day passes in about twenty minutes of real time. Therefore, it is very important to have time to do as much as possible during the day, because at night monsters go hunting and can destroy a lot of things.


Minecraft 1.8.9 Screenshot
Minecraft 1.8.9 Screenshot 2
Minecraft 1.8.9 Screenshot 3

Video Review:

How to install Minecraft 1.8.9:

  1. Download and run the launcher
  2. Create a profile and select Minecraft 1.8.9 version
  3. Click the “Install” or “Run” button to start downloading the game
  4. Minecraft will launch after installation is complete

Download Minecraft 1.8.9:

MinecraftLauncher-2.885-Installer-1.1.3.exe [22.5 Mb]

MacOS/Linux: [5.95 Mb]

Pocket Edition:
MinecraftLauncher-PE-0.4.8.apk [14.0 Mb]