Quilted Fabric API 1.20.1/1.19.4/1.18.2

Adapted version of the Fabric API for the new Quilt loader. This version will allow you to use all the features of the bootloader, as well as run mods created under fabric.

Quilted Fabric API for Minecraft

How to install Quilted Fabric API:

  1. Download and install Quilt
  2. Download the mod
  3. Without unpacking copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Done!

Download Quilted Fabric API Mod:

For 1.20.1 – 1.20
qfapi-1.20.1-7.0.2_qsl-6.0.3_fapi-0.83.0.jar [1.75 Mb]

For 1.19.4
qfapi-1.19.4-6.0.0-beta.8.jar [1.76 Mb]

For 1.19.3
qfapi-1.19.3-5.0.0.jar [1.66 Mb]

For 1.19.2
qfapi-1.19.2-4.0.0-beta.30.jar [1.60 Mb]

For 1.18.2
qfapi-1.18.2-1.0.0-beta.28.jar [1.14 Mb]