Quilt Mod Loader 1.20.1/1.19.4/1.18.2

Quilt is a fork of the well-known alternative mod loader Fabric. Due to disagreements, some of the developers decided to leave and create a new project, which is based on flexibility and openness. At the same time, the development process is controlled not by one person, but by a whole community. This tool has more advanced functionality and support for modules from third-party developers.

Quilt Mod Loader for Minecraft

How to install Quilt:

  1. Install Java
  2. Start the Launcher and close Minecraft correct version.
  3. Download the file at the link below.
  4. Run the file (If the file opens as an archive, then right-click on it and select “Open with” -> “Java”)
  5. Choose the version of Minecraft you need and click the “Install” button
  6. Restart launcher
  7. Install Quilted Fabric API
  8. Done!

Download Quilt Mod:

For 1.18.2 – 1.20.1
quilt-installer-0.5.0.jar [92.6 Kb]