Minecraft 1.19.4 The Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19.4 is a long-awaited The Wild Update, which was released on March 14, 2023, that will improve the swamps, add a new underground biome, add an Allay, Frogs and Warden. Also in the game there will be many new blocks that you can use in the construction and creation of redstone schemes.

Minecraft 1.19.1 The Wild Update

New in Minecraft 1.19.4

  • Allay – a new flying mob. He won the Minecraft Live 2021 vote. You can meet him in the forest mansion prison or in the outpost prison, but very rarely. Give an item to a creature and it will start looking for the same nearby, if it finds it, it will bring you. If you turn on the music block, then the mob will drag the found items to the block.


  • Mangrove Swamp – swamp biome with improved appearance. Turbid water in ponds. The main vegetation is the mangrove trees.

Mangrove Swamp

  • Frog – a new mob that will spawn in swamps. You can meet three types: temperate, cold and warm. Frogs can be bred with slime.


  • Froglight Block – can be used for decoration and construction. To get it, the frog must eat a small lava cube. The color of the block will depend on the type of frog.

Froglight Block

  • Boat with Chest – analogue of a minecarts with a chest, but a player can also fit in it. Now it will be easier for you to transport items on the water.

Boat with Chest

  • Deep Dark – a rare underground biome where you can find an ancient city with sculk blocks. There you can meet the wardens.

Deep Dark

  • Warden – a hostile blind creature that navigates by sound, originally planned for Minecraft 1.18.2. It can appear if you activate sculk shriekers a second time. You can use snowballs, arrows and eggs to distract the mob.


  • Sculk Catalyst – reacts to the death of nearby mobs. When activated, it releases particles and generates sculk blocks near the mob’s death point.

Sculk Catalyst

  • Sculk Block – new building blocks.

Sculk Block

  • Sculk Sensor – reacts to sound by emitting a redstone signal. Can activate sculk shriekers blocks.

Sculk Sensor

  • Sculk Shrieker – makes a loud sound when activated. The player gets a dark effect. If you activate it several times, then there will be a chance to summon a new Warden mob that will crawl out of the ground.

Sculk Shrieker

Everything in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update:

How to install Minecraft 1.19.4:

  1. Download and run the launcher
  2. Create a profile and select Minecraft 1.19.2 version
  3. Click the “Install” or “Run” button to start downloading the game
  4. Minecraft will launch after installation is complete

Download Minecraft 1.19 – 1.19.4:

MinecraftLauncher-2.885-Installer-1.1.3.exe [22.5 Mb]

MinecraftLauncher-2.885.zip [5.95 Mb]

Pocket Edition:
MinecraftLauncher-PE-0.4.8.apk [14.0 Mb]