Top 5 Survival Island Seeds 1.20.1

This collection of Minecraft 1.20.1 seeds will definitely come in handy for those who like to survive on islands and be content with a limited amount of resources.

Top 5 Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.1


Plains Island Seed for Minecraft

Plains Island Seed

These types of seeds are not always available, they used to be very common but are not so common anymore. There are a couple of trees on this island and another small flat island to the southeast.

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Unique Plains Terrain Village Seed for Minecraft

Unique Plains Terrain Village Seed

Quite a wild and unique seed that is an island with a destroyed landscape and a waterfall in the center. You can easily find two ocean monuments near the island.

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Swamp Hut Island Seed for Minecraft

Swamp Hut Island Seed

Using this seed you will spawn on a swampy island in the middle of the ocean, there is also a small area of forest, and a witch’s hut right on the edge of the beach.

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Dark Forest Cliff Island Seed for Minecraft

Dark Forest Cliff Island Seed

Pretty cool seed of the island on the rocks.

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Jungle Island Seed for Minecraft

Jungle Island Seed

This seed generates a beautiful tiny island in the jungle that has a beach.

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