Ship in the Desert Seed

Interesting seed for Minecraft 1.13.x-1.15 whereby you at the very beginning of the game you can find a ship in the desert. This is a great chance to get a good loot without much effort. Right behind the ship you wil

Ship in the Desert Seed for Minecraft 1.13.x-1.14.4

Huge Abandoned Mine Seed

Screenshots: By activating this seed in Minecraft 1.14.4 you will find yourself on the plain between red sand and an oak forest with mushroom villages. Under this forest you can find a large abandoned mine.

Huge Abandoned Mine Seed for Minecraft 1.14.4

Sunken Ship in the Village Minecraft 1.14 Seed

Screenshots: You appear in a fancy village, where you will notice that one of the inhabitants turned the ruins of the ship into a cozy house. Go further into the Minecraft 1.14 world, and you are waiting

Sunken Ship in the Village Minecraft 1.14 Seed

Updated Village Seed

Screenshots: This seed spawn you in a new village, which was added in version 1.14. The village is located in a dark forest and swamp. In addition to the residents living in the village Golem, and in the for

Updated Village [A Fresh Start] Minecraft 1.14.4/1.10 Seed