Rift Mod Loader

Rift Mod Loader for Minecraft 1.13.2

Rift is a mod loader and at the same time an API for developers. At the time of its release was the only tool to launch Minecraft version 1.13 with other mods.

As Forge, this modification of the game creates its own mods folder in the game folder. In it you need to download the established fashion in .jar format. The first mods for Minecraft 1.13 work exclusively with Rift.

How to install:

Download the mod in .jar format.
Close the Minecraft launcher if it is running.
Open the file and wait for the window with a notification of successful installation.
When starting the game in the launcher, select a modified version 1.13 with Rift.
Enjoy the game!

Download Mod:

rift-jitpack_1.13.2.jar [0.13 Mb]

rift-1.13.jar [0.14 Mb]