Digger Online

Just a great free online game of the action genre in which a fearless and resourceful Digger went to the dungeon in search of gold. You have to solve a lot of mysteries and go through all the mazes, which conceals un

Digger Online


In the night from October 31 to November 1, the whole world will celebrate the Halloween holiday. And fans of the Minecraft game is no exception! You can free download and install Minecraft Halloween wallpaper on the

Minecraft Pumpkin Halloween Wallpaper 1920x1080

Creepers Attack

Get ready for a real war, you could not even imagine! In the Minecraft World all creepers got out and now are ready to attack you at any moment. We need urgently to prepare for the defense and destroy all the enemies

Creepers Attack


Wonderful video animation Minecraft, which shows a post-apocalyptic world of the game and the battle of the protagonist with the embittered mobs.

Earthbending in Minecraft 3D animation

Minecraft RPG

The real and absolutely free Minecraft RPG game, which can be played online directly on our website using your favorite browser! The only thing you need to have Java 7 and set Medium mode in the Java Control Panel se

Minecraft RPG

The Great Outdoors

There was a hot summer and the Minecraft villagers went to rest on the nature, the great outdoors. River, fishing and a lot of sun, just a great place! Picnic on the Water, cheerful companionship and the sea the sun,

The Great Outdoors Minecraft Animation


Stylish desktop wallpapers for your computer. Spider in Minecraft - this is the second hostile mob. At Spider mob eyes visible in the dark and a little glow. Wallpaper Resolutions: 1920x1080 Download

Minecraft Spider Wallpaper 1920x1080

Rock vs Zombies

When the horde of zombies has invaded your home, every second counts. Use a giant stone to crush zombies. Make a decision quickly in order to avoid dangerous situations. Game at a time so do not procrastinate. Good l

Rock vs Zombies

Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is already in Minecraft! Who does not know that it is always able to watch video animations in real life. Here is such a sudden plot twist.

Harlem Shake Minecraft Animation

Minecraft World

Many have long known that the wonderful world of Minecraft absolutely unlimited. Just as the human imagination! Therefore, developers do not cease to surprise us different versions and variants of the Minecraft game.

Creep Craft

Cheerful 2D game like minecraft, in the title role - the creeper, and for whom you will be playing. Move around with the arrow keys, select items by clicking on the figures. To get started, break two blocks of stone,

Creep Craft

Lava Race

Try to get a parkour map of the minecraft like game, overcoming all the obstacles using jumps. This map can be found as parkour across the lava and Climbing to a height. Learn skills of parkour, because one wrong mov

Lava Race Game Like Minecraft