Old Guns Mod 1.18.1, 1.16.5, 1.12.2

Old Guns mod adds a lot of old firearms to Minecraft game, these are muskets, rifles, blunderbusses, pistols and even working cannons. All these weapons are realistic, you will have to load the rifles after each shot, and the accuracy of the hit will depend on your skills.

Old Guns Mod for Minecraft

It is worth noting that muskets will not fire underwater, they can misfire in the rain. For a more accurate shot, you have to aim.

To reload a weapon, you need to put it in a workbench, at the moment JEI does not show these recipes or they are not in the mod, here is an example of working recipes:

Old Guns Mod Crafting Recipes

You will also have to reload the cannons in the correct sequence – first charge, then use a clotting stick, then a core and again a clotting stick, and then shoot with a stick with coal. The cannon can be rotated with a special tool, walk up to the cannon, hold an object in your right hand and press Shift, you can change the rotation and change the angle of the barrel.


Old Guns Mod Screenshot
Old Guns Mod Screenshot 2
Old Guns Mod Screenshot 3
Old Guns Mod Screenshot 4

Crafting Recipes:

Old Guns Mod Crafting Recipes 2

Mod Showcase:

How to install Old Guns:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the mod
  3. Without unpacking copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Done!

Download Old Guns Mod:

For 1.18.1
oldguns-1.18.1-3.2.0-24.jar [1.53 Mb]

For 1.16.5
oldguns-1.16.5-3.0.6-23.jar [1.37 Mb]

For 1.12.2
oldguns-1.12.2-2.0.5.jar [0.90 Mb]

For 1.8.9
oldguns-1.8.9-1.5.2.jar [1.18 Mb] + Texturepack: oldguns_x32_texturepack.zip [0.81 Mb]