NeoForge 1.20.4

NeoForge is a fork of the popular loader for Minecraft game that appeared as a result of a conflict between Forge developers. Some dissatisfied developers united into a team and created their own project called NeoForge. At the moment, full compatibility with mods for Forge is declared.

NeoForge for Minecraft

With the release of new versions of the game there may no longer be compatibility support.


NeoForge Screenshot

How to install NeoForge:

  1. Install Java Java
  2. Start the Launcher and close Minecraft correct version.
  3. Download the file at the link below.
  4. Run the file (If the file opens as an archive, then right-click on it and select “Open with” -> “Java”)
  5. Click “OK”.
  6. Done!

Download NeoForge:

For 1.20.4
neoforge-1.20.4-20.4.42-beta-installer.jar [7.83 Mb]

For 1.20.3
neoforge-1.20.3-20.3.2-beta-installer.jar [7.80 Mb]

For 1.20.2
neoforge-1.20.2-20.2.86-installer.jar [7.77 Mb]

For 1.20.1
neoforge-1.20.1-47.1.75-installer.jar [5.63 Mb]