Minecraft Grieferman

Most of you have probably seen the last new song Psy Gentleman. However, not too often, we see parodies of him, and even that they are better than the original. A parody of the author StageFiveTV certainly is such! C

Minecraft Grieferman Funny Video

Merry Christmas!

In this Christmas Minecraft video Endie plays the role of Santa Claus. He will collect the gifts for their best friends. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Minecraft Video

Beetle Juice – Minecraft Roller Coaster

Awesome optical illusion, Redstone mechanisms and special effects that can be created in the Minecraft game. Most of the objects on the map in the form of cartoon characters from Beetle Juice. Apparently the aut

Beetle Juice – Minecraft Roller Coaster

Lego Minecraft Love Story

You will love this video with the original name Lego Minecraft Love Story. Length of the video is only 2 minutes and 17 seconds, but some just do not come in a fancy head fans Minecraft games every day! One gets the impr

Lego Minecraft Love Story Video

Two friends play Minecraft

In this fun flash Minecraft series you will see how 2 play each other. So, two friends Jim and Duncan in the morning went to the beach. Play

Two friends play Minecraft