Minecraft Pig

Minecraft Pig Wallpaper Download

Pig – friendly mob in the Minecraft game, the size of the height of about 1 block and 2 in width. They walk around with no intent on the map, if in their path appears barrier, they are trying to jump. If the pig gets into the water, it will not try to get out of it. Of the pigs in the game get 0-2 pieces of raw meat.

Features of Pigs
If into the pig in Minecraft struck by lightning, it turns into a pig-zombies (but it from getting aggressive until it is shot the player). They can not be found under the ground. You can put on a pig saddle, but you can not manage it. In the achievements of Minecraft have a mission: falling on a pig off a cliff.

Wallpaper Resolutions: 1920×1080