Immersive Aircraft Mod 1.20.1/1.19.4/1.18.2/1.16.5 (Biplane, Gyrodyne, Airship)

Immersive Aircraft mod will add to Minecraft game three vehicles for movement through the air. You will be able to create a Biplane, Gyrodyne and Airship. All aircraft are made in vanilla style.

Immersive Aircraft Mod for Minecraft

All aircraft are quite easy to create from ordinary materials, currently do not require fuel to operate, have pleasant sounds, realistic and simple controls and excellent appearance. You have to board the plane on RMB (the exit is the same) and then the control depends on what you are flying on, the Gyrodyne should accelerate, then it will become a helicopter, the Biplane requires acceleration and its engine power is set and the Airship patches like flying in creative mode.


Immersive Aircraft Mod Screenshot
Immersive Aircraft Mod Screenshot 2
Immersive Aircraft Mod Screenshot 3
Immersive Aircraft Mod Screenshot 4

Crafting Recipes:

Immersive Aircraft Mod Crafting Recipes

Mod Showcase:

How to install Immersive Aircraft:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge / Fabric
  2. Download the mod
  3. Without unpacking copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Done!

Download Immersive Aircraft Mod:

For 1.20.1
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.20.1-forge.jar [1.49 Mb]

For 1.20.1 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.20.1-fabric.jar [1.48 Mb]

For 1.20
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.20-forge.jar [1.82 Mb]

For 1.20 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.20-fabric.jar [1.81 Mb]

For 1.19.4
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.19.4-forge.jar [1.48 Mb]

For 1.19.4 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.19.4-fabric.jar [1.47 Mb]

For 1.19.3
immersive_aircraft-0.5.3-1.19.3-forge.jar [1.82 Mb]

For 1.19.3 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.5.3-1.19.3-fabric.jar [1.81 Mb]

For 1.19.2
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.19.2-forge.jar [1.50 Mb]

For 1.19.2 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.7.5-1.19.2-fabric.jar [1.49 Mb]

For 1.18.2
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.18.2-forge.jar [1.82 Mb]

For 1.18.2 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.18.2-fabric.jar [1.81 Mb]

For 1.16.5
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.16.5-forge.jar [1.84 Mb]

For 1.16.5 fabric
immersive_aircraft-0.5.2-1.16.5-fabric.jar [1.83 Mb]