Geometry Dash Map 1.8.9

Do you want to plunge into a very interesting adventure in which you can play a very interesting minigame? Now by downloading a cool map for Minecraft called Geometry Dash, which will turn your mind about cool maps and the idea of physics and geometry in general. You can play a Friv minigame right in Minecraft, and at the same time earn one, two or three stars when passing a level.

Geometry Dash Map for Minecraft

The map includes a texture pack that will be loaded as soon as you enter the world!


Geometry Dash Map Screenshot
Geometry Dash Map Screenshot 2
Geometry Dash Map Screenshot 3

Map Spotlight:

How to install Geometry Dash Map:

  1. Download the map
  2. Unzip the file to .minecraft\saves
  3. Done!

Download Geometry Dash Map:

Geometry_Dash_Map.rar [0.71 Mb]