Ender Magnet Mod 1.17.1/1.15.2/1.14.4

Ender Magnet Mod for Minecraft

The mod will add an ender magnet to Minecraft, this magnet will pick up objects in the nearest radius. There are three levels of magnet in total, the higher the level, the greater the radius it covers. In addition to the magnet itself, the mod adds an ender torch, which cancels the action of the magnet in its radius.


Ender Magnet Mod Screenshot
Ender Magnet Mod Screenshot 2
Ender Magnet Mod Screenshot 3
Ender Magnet Mod Screenshot 4
Ender Magnet Mod Screenshot 5

Crafting Recipes:

Ender Magnet Mod Crafting Recipes

How to install Ender Magnet:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the mod
  3. Without unpacking copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Done!

Download Ender Magnet Mod:

For 1.17.1
EnderMagnet_1.17.1_4.0.0.jar [45.4 Kb]

For 1.15.2 / 1.15.1
EnderMagnet_1.15.1_3.0.0.jar [40.9 Kb]

For 1.14.4
EnderMagnet_1.14.4_2.0.0.jar [40.6 Kb]