CrackedZombie Mod 1.15.1/1.14.4/1.12.2 (Hardcore Zombies)

CrackedZombie Mod

CrackedZombie Mod – new dangerous zombies for Minecraft

This is a modification that will add hardcore to your game: now zombies will be much more dangerous than before! From now on, they will become a really serious threat for you, because they will appear not only at night, but also during the day, without burning. In addition, zombies will become stronger, faster and will unite in packs and attack it on you. This can be disabled at any time in the configuration settings (or delete the modification itself).

And to make the game more dangerous, create a world with the following settings:

2;7,56x1,5x3,2;6;biome_1,decoration,lake, lava_lake


CrackedZombie Mod Screenshot
CrackedZombie Mod Screenshot 2
CrackedZombie Mod Screenshot 3
CrackedZombie Mod Screenshot 4
CrackedZombie Mod Screenshot 5

Mod Showcase:

How to install CrackedZombie:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the mod
  3. Without unpacking copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Done!

Download CrackedZombie Mod:

For 1.15.1
crackedzombiemod_1.15.1_1.2.0_9.jar [34.6 Kb]

For 1.14.4
crackedzombiemod_1.14.4_1.1.0_5.jar [35.2 Kb]

For 1.12.2
crackedzombiemod_1.12.2_3.8.1_95.jar [64.7 Kb]

For 1.11.2
crackedzombiemod_1.11.2_3.6.2_82.jar [65.2 Kb]

For 1.10.2
crackedzombiemod_1.10.2_3.5.2_75.jar [65.5 Kb]

For 1.9.4
crackedzombiemod_1.9.4_3.4.1_71.jar [65.5 Kb]

For 1.8.9
crackedzombiemod_1.8.9_3.2.4_55.jar [59.6 Kb]

For 1.7.10
crackedzombiemod_1.7.10.jar [41.3 Kb]