Christmas Chaos Map 1.16.4

Christmas Chaos Map for Minecraft

We offer you a Christmas Chaos map for Minecraft 1.16.4 Java Edition game made in the spirit of Christmas! This map is very suitable for playing during the New Year holidays.

According to the plot, you wake up on the eve of Christmas and find out that Santa Claus announced the start of preparations for the holidays. You need to help Santa solve existing problems, thereby contributing to the coming of Christmas. Or wait for the onset of Chaos …

What will you choose? Ahead are waiting for mega exciting adventures in the world of Minecraft!


Christmas Chaos Map Screenshot
Christmas Chaos Map Screenshot 2

Map Showcase:

How to install Christmas Chaos:

  1. Download the map
  2. Unzip the file to .minecraft\saves
  3. Done!

Download Christmas Chaos Map: [52.1 Mb]