Christmas Festivities Mod

Christmas Festivities Mod

The mod will add Christmas attributes and sweets, in addition, a new dimension will appear - a night forest, which can be reached with the help of

The Twilight Forest Mod 1.12.2/1.7.10/1.5.2 (New Dimension)

The Twilight Forest Mod

Do you like adventures? Global modification adding a new Twilight Forest dimension. A dark, enchanted world, almost all covered with forest, in wh

The Best Christmas Mod for Minecraft

The Best Christmas Mod

A small decorative mod that will give you jewelry to create a cozy atmosphere of Christmas and New Year holidays. A fireplace, a Christmas wreath,

Mushroom Cows Seed for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mushroom Cows Seed 1.12.2

Start the game next to a mushroom biome and a rare species of mobs - mushroom cows. The abundance of mushrooms allows you to easily get food in th

Upgrade Aquatic Mod for Minecraft

Upgrade Aquatic Mod

A large-scale mod dedicated to the refinement and improvement of the content of the water update. Here you will find unique objects and mechanics,

Model Trains Mod for Minecraft

Model Trains Mod

Ever wanted a railroad? Model Trains mod will add to the Minecraft a toy trains with different cars, a railroad, arrows and a control panel. With

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod

This is a decorative mod for Minecraft that will add a small Christmas tree that you can install at home, you can dress it yourself with a garland

The Aether Mod

The Aether Legacy Mod

The Aether Legacy mod adds a dimension from flying islands high in the sky, which can be accessed through a portal light-illuminated by water. An