The Villagers

Free Minecraft Wallpaper. Villagers have been added to the game, as passive mobs. They can live in the village generated. In appearance, they may resemble the player. They have a large head, green eyes, thick eyebrow

The Villagers Minecraft Wallpaper

Minecraft Cave

Download Cave wallpaper for free. Ordinary Minecraft World is completely unlimited, the player can move freely in space, opening up new comfortable place. One has only to look out for holes, into which you can fall a

Minecraft Cave HD Wallpaper

Creeper Minecraft

Creeper - green, almost silent mob bombers. When you approach a player for a short distance and begins to sizzle explodes after 1.5 seconds. Upon detonation produces a sound similar to a regular explosion, but milder

Creeper Minecraft Wallpaper

Black a Brick

Free Minecraft wallpaper background of a wall of black brick. Resolutions: 1366x768 Download

Black a Brick HD Minecraft Wallpaper

Two friends play Minecraft

In this fun flash Minecraft series you will see how 2 play each other. So, two friends Jim and Duncan in the morning went to the beach. Play

Two friends play Minecraft

Mine Blocks

Here is a free 2D online version of the very popular game in the Minecraft style. Explore the land that you hit. Gather as much resources and process them to produce building materials, they are required for the cons

Mine Blocks

D.E.E.P. Mining

You are on the planet, which is extremely rich in resources, but their production requires very good skills miner and the searching of minerals. Your teacher will George, he, being a skilled worker, will give tips on

D.E.E.P. Mining

Minecraft 1.4

Onset of action is identical to the usual computer games in this genre: the need to create his own world, giving it the name, or select an existing one and continue his development, if you have played before. All the

minecraft 1.4

Build your own island

In this game you have to build the civilization of the island. For this purpose are eight types of technology: electricity, computer science, civil engineering, applied chemistry, architecture, mechanics, transportat

Build your own island