Ice Mountains Mod

Ice Mountains Mod 1.12.2

Want to enjoy the mountain scenery in Minecraft? No problems! With the help of the Ice Mountains mod, you will add a new world type generation to

Berry Bushes Mod for Minecraft

Berry Bushes Mod 1.14.4

The mod will add bushes with berries to Minecraft, there will be quite a few varieties of them, their most important difference is the color, they

Path Under Gates Mod for Minecraft

Path Under Gates Mod 1.12.2

Path Under Gates mod adds to Minecraft game the ability to dig a grass path under fences and gates, regardless of whether fences/gates were instal

Tooltipped Mod for Minecraft

Tooltipped Mod 1.15.1

Tooltipped adds additional information in tooltips for some blocks, items and other game elements. A large amount of technical information will be

Yellow Submarine Mod

Yellow Submarine Mod 1.8

This cool mod for Minecraft was created based on the Yellow Submarine movie.  As you understand, a large submarine will appear in the game, which

Simple Birds Mod

Simple Birds Mod 1.12.2

The mod will add new birds to Minecraft - there is only one species, but they are multi-colored, spawn in the forests and tweet very cute. They fl

Ropes Mod

Ropes Mod 1.15.1

Ropes Mod will add a rope to the Minecraft, with which you can go down it. To do this, just need to install the rope on the block and click RMB. S